Bjornson Jones Mungas, PLLC Missoula, MT:  Expect Different

Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Business & Tax Law

Innovative thinking is the key at Bjornson Jones Mungas. Here clients will find a comprehensive legal team with more than fifty years of combined experience in the areas of business lawtax law, accounting, entrepreneurial, contract, real estate law, finance, probate law and securities. Our legal team is skilled at solving complex, multi-faceted problems, as well as helping you to achieve your goals in creative and innovative ways.

Simply put, our broad business and real world experiences help us spot legal concerns before crises arise. Should they arise, Bjornson Jones Mungas will quickly respond to and defend our clients’ interests. We can also help you to define goals, anticipate growth, and identify and seize new business opportunities.

Based in Missoula, Montana, with satellite offices in Spokane, Washington and Whitefish, Montana, we represent clients throughout Idaho, Montana and Washington.