Bjornson Jones Mungas

What We Do

As a law firm, Bjornson Jones Mungas excels at helping clients identify and prioritize goals, anticipate obstacles and growth opportunities before they arise and, most importantly, solve legal problems in creative ways.

Our attorneys are licensed in Montana, Washington and Idaho and are capable of handling a wide range of legal issues for clients throughout the United States as well as for foreign clients doing business in the United States.

Creativity Is Our Common Denominator

Small business formation, a commercial lease agreement, a grantor-retained interest trust – whatever the legal need, creative thinking is something we take pride in and a common denominator in every area of our practice. We also feel that it sets us apart from other firms.

It is easy for anyone to get comfortable with a certain way of viewing and approaching problems – legal professionals are no exception. This often means that: 1) clients do not receive the individualized attention to detail and consideration they should; and 2) many potential solutions are missed, or not considered. This one-size-fits-all approach is unfortunately all too common. Our attorneys and legal team at Bjornson Jones Mungas, however, recognizes that every client is unique. There may be different ways we can solve a particular legal problem, but our focus is on using the law to find the solution that works best for the individual client’s needs. Here you will find the ability and determination to do just that.

Finally, our firm takes advantage of new technology and trends to make relationships with our clients convenient and productive. For example, we are equipped to work remotely with clients and business partners. This means rapid accessibility and communications with clients to get them results faster and easier.

All Employees Are Stakeholders

At Bjornson Jones Mungas, we adopt a team approach to working with one another and with our clients. And every employee at our firm is a stakeholder. This means that we share work, resources, and revenue with one another in every matter the firm takes on. There are no cutthroat workplace politics here. Instead, we work together, interested only in getting the client the best result possible. To do this, we assign whoever has the best skills for any given problem as a lead and then collaboratively draw on other employees’ skills for support. Everyone has a voice in crafting the best strategies for our clients because drawing on all our resources just makes the most sense. This approach is client-centered, focusing on high-quality work. Because everyone is a stakeholder, clients can be assured that anyone they interact with, from the person answering the phone to the attorney they are directly working with, will be engaged in a team effort.

Advanced Service in Tax, Business and Accounting

Bjornson Jones Mungas brings together a legal team with diverse advanced degrees and skills not always found in a smaller, client-centered firm. Among our attorneys, five have advanced law degrees (LL.M.s) in taxation, two have advanced degrees in business or management, and our founder is both an attorney and a CPA. Every client benefits from our in depth understanding of business, finance and taxation. And our business clients, in particular, rest assured that we offer not just legal help, but strategic advice and partnership throughout the business life cycle.


We welcome you to read more about our attorneys, our staff, each of our practices areas, and why clients choose Bjornson Jones Mungas. Contact us to learn more about how we can put our team to work for you.