Montana Registered Agents

What Is a Montana Registered Agent?

Montana requires every company doing business in Montana to appoint a registered agent. If you incorporate in Montana, you must name a registered agent in the articles of incorporation when it is filed with the Montana Secretary of State.

Requirements about who can be a registered agent are scant, and any person or entity can technically be a registered agent as long as they agree to it and provide a Montana address where official communications will be sent. However, because a registered agent accepts legal documents and state notifications on behalf of your business, it's just common sense to appoint an experienced attorney.

Trusted Montana Attorneys Protecting Business Standing

As your registered agent, we will provide a physical address in Montana where all legal, tax-related, and annual reports will be sent. When we receive any documents on your behalf, we will send them to you promptly. In the event that your business is sued, service of process is sent to your registered agent. As a firm experienced in corporate law, our Missoula attorneys will be available to help you understand how to deal with any litigation that may ensue.

Remember that keeping a registered agent isn’t just a pesky legal requirement. A registered agent is essentially a gatekeeper where the State of Montana and others know to send official documents. Keep in mind that receiving documents will often lead to requiring action on your part as a result. As your registered agent, we will make sure that you get the information you need and take strategic action within the time constraints. Our experienced legal team will be on hand to advise you and answer your questions.

You need your registered agent, to be honest, to professionally maintain contact, and to be prompt in communicating with you. Companies offering to act as your registered agent are a dime a dozen, but­—word to the wise—take caution. Just because anyone you designate could be your registered agent, does not mean they should be. This is a position you should entrust to only the best. As experienced attorneys, we at Bjornson Jones Mungas are in the best position to be trusted with your formal documents and protect your business.

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