Montana and Washington Representation for Foreign Clients

Montana Attorneys Making a Big World Smaller

Business today is a global affair. Although this means more opportunity and growth, it also means that transactions and dealings can be much more complex. Parties need to understand not only their own laws but laws in other countries where they do business as well. Easily maneuvering these many moving parts is critical for success.

With a focus on bridging the legal divide across borders, our Missoula attorneys help foreign clients with their business transactions including formation, banking and finance, and real estate acquisitions.

International Business Transactions—Providing Canadian and other Foreign Clients Capability in the U.S.

Our skilled attorneys at Bjornson Jones Mungas represent foreign business clients for their business and transactional needs in Montana and Washington. Case in point, we have extensive experience facilitating business transactions for Canadian clients needing counsel on U.S. law. We understand that laws differ significantly from state to state and that the differences are even greater between countries. Our nuanced, insightful grasp of Montana, Washington, and international law helps international clients meet their goals with ease.

We pride ourselves on treating our clients with respect, giving each unique issue the care and personalized attention it deserves. While our attorneys are expert advisers and advocates, we treat our clients like family. Our legal team works together collaboratively to craft practical and robust business strategies to meet your needs. Learn more here about our practice areas and our work as registered agents in Montana.

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